Wine Travel

Jetting off to Europe this summer? Adventuring in South America? Wherever your summer travel plans take you, include a winery visit. Many of our wineries offer tours & tastings, but you can enhance your experience further at these locations.

Fattoria di Magliano: Spend the morning poolside, the afternoon horseback riding through vineyards, and the evening sipping delicious wines served alongside traditional Tuscan fare, all before getting a solid night’s rest in the serene Tuscan countryside at Fattoria di Magliano’s Inn.

Viberti: The winery was founded as a way of producing wines from the original family business, Ristorante Buon Padre. Today, winemaker Claudio Viberti’s mother is still in the kitchen hand-crafting tajarin.

Chateau Beaulieu: Live like a noble for a night at the historic Villa Baulieu.

Vivanco: Incorporate some history with a visit to the Vivanco Wine Museum, one of the world’s largest.

De Martino: Become a winemaker with De Martino’s “My Wine” program. Blend your own vintage and bottle under your own label under the guidance of celebrated winemaker Marcelo Retamal and his team.

Ruca Malen: Enjoy a 5-course tasting menu prepared by renowned chef Lucas Bustos paired with winemaker Pablo Cuneo’s exquisite wines with the majestic peaks of the Andes in the background.