About Us

“Our philosophy is simple: Offer a selection of premium wines and spirits produced with the highest level of quality and value to enhance any experience”. – Don Opici, CEO Opici Wines & Spirits

Opici Wines & Spirits is a fourth-generation importer and producer with family roots in the wine business dating back to 1913. Today, the company is managed by Don Opici and features more than 50 brands from 10 countries. With long-standing, market-leading Italian wines and spirits brands like Carpineto, Cesari, Luiano, Meletti, and Viberti as the foundation, Opici Wines & Spirits has expanded its portfolio to include world-class wineries like El Coto (Rioja, Spain), as well as developing several proprietary brands such as LaLuca Prosecco (Italy), Julia James (California), and The Critic (Napa).

With the acquisition of Pacific Highway Wines in 2023, Opici Wines & Spirits is entering a strategic growth chapter with leadership brands like Giesen (New Zealand), Garzon (Uruguay), Luigi Bosca and Argento (Mendoza) and more. While it has expanded its portfolio and embraced the innovative styles of its brands, Opici Wines & Spirits has also remained true to its roots with its iconic Opici label. Under this label, Opici offers classic and beloved selections, Homemade Barberone, Burgundy, and Chianti.

Opici Wines & Spirits was named “Importer of the Year” in 2014 by Wine Enthusiast Magazine, and most recently, Don Opici and his sister Dina Opici were jointly Nominated  ‘Person (s) of the Year’ by Wine Enthusiast Magazine.