Sangria Recipes For The Perfect Summer Sip

Whether we’re lounging by the pool or relaxing at a backyard barbecue, we can’t get enough of our summertime favorite, Opici Sangria. We’re particularly excited this year because we just released our sangria in glass bottle. To celebrate, we’ve gathered some of our favorite sangria recipes below. Check out these delicious ways to add a kick to your glass of Opici Sangria.

Simply Sensational

If you’re looking for an easy way to dress up Opici Sangria, our Simply Sensational recipe is perfect for you. Fill 1/3 of a pitcher with ice. Add 1 apple, 1 orange, and 1/2 lemon — sliced — to the pitcher. Fill the rest of the pitcher with Opici Sangria and enjoy!

Hint-of-Brandy Sangria

Sometimes your sangria needs a little kick. When your taste buds crave something with a punch, add a splash of Brandy and fruit wedges to your Opici Sangria for a simple, yet satisfying, sangria cocktail.

Sparkling Sangria

If you want to get sparkly with your Opici Sangria, take a cue from this Food Network recipe, which calls for a bottle of sparkling apple/grape or apple/cranberry juice and a pint of blackberries, as well as a peach, a blood orange, and a green apple — all sliced. Freeze the sparkling juice in ice trays with a few blackberries in each cube. Add the remaining berries and sliced fruit to your Opici Sangria, and serve it with your delicious sparkling cubes!

Sangria with Bubbles

Another great way to add some sparkle to your Opici Sangria is to mix in some ginger ale. Get inspired with this recipe from, which gives simple sangria a sweet pop with two cups of ginger ale. You can also add orange and lemon wedges for even more fruit flavors or a shot of brandy for a kick, as the recipe suggests.

Pomegranate Vanilla Sangria

Vanilla may be perfect for warming up your winter months, but the combination of various fruits and carbonation make this pomegranate vanilla sangria perfect all year long. With ingredients like vanilla beans, pomegranate, sparkling pomegranate soda, brandy, sliced fruit, and cinnamon, this recipe — from How Sweet It Is — is sure to please. Grab your bottle of Opici Sangria, check out the recipe, and get stirring!

Frozen Sangria

With the unbelievable heat we’ve had this summer, nothing sounds better than cooling down with some frozen sangria. Get your blender ready, throw in some Opici Sangria and ice, and try some of these suggestions from Serious Eats, like adding frozen raspberries, frozen peaches, Cointreau, or a splash of 7-Up.

Yummy Rum Sangria

If you’re not a fan of brandy — a popular sangria ingredient — try adding rum to your Opici Sangria instead. Get inspired with some of the ingredients from this Classic Spanish Sangria recipe on

What’s your favorite way to serve Opici Sangria? Let us know in the comments below, on Facebook, or on Twitter (@OpiciWines).