Spring is Near! Bring on the 2014 Rosés!

Dare we say Spring now looms in the near future? It’s hard to believe after NYC and points south got hammered with another round of snow only yesterday. But with warmer temperatures on the horizon and the clocks springing forward this weekend giving us that extra hour of glorious sunlight… we can feel it. Spring is near! The even better news is that it means 2014 vintage rosés will start hitting stores very soon. This year Opici Wines is pleased to offer you a new selection from France: Notre Dame de Cousignac Luberon Rosé. The sweet strawberry and cherry blossom aromas of this wine perfectly embody the season. It is so wonderfully fresh on the palate with a vibrant acidity that will awaken your senses, bringing you back to life after this winter. Thirsty yet?