Baglio di Pianetto

Founded in 1997 by Count Paolo Marzotto, Baglio di Pianetto is the culmination of a young boy’s dream to discover how wine is made. Traveling the world to visit and learn about different wine regions, Paolo eventually made it to Sicily where he discovered the perfect plot of land in the countryside of Palermo to make his dream a reality. A year later, a 2nd estate in the province of Noto dubbed Tenuta Baroni was founded for the sole purpose of producing high-quality indigenous varietals from the region, most notably the flagship variety of the estate, the Nero D’Avola. Spanning over 160 hectares of vines between the the two estates, the winery prides itself on their sustainable practices and their limited environmental impact on the planet. As of 2016 and just one year shy of their 20th anniversary, the winery became certified organic.


Today, Baglio di Pianetto is an integrated productive hub engaged in hospitality and wine-tourism and run by the 2nd and 3rd generations of the Marzotto family. With the Agrirelais, the winery’s 5-room country house nestled between estate vineyards and olive groves, wine lovers can enjoy a full, immersive experience, where wine, great food and hospitality come together to define the pursuit of excellence embodied by the Marzotto family.