Cocoa di Vine

Chocolate lovers and wine lovers unite: Cocoa di Vine is the ultimate indulgence to satisfy your cravings! The Opici family brought together two favorites, wine and sweets, to create an intoxicating blend of velvety-smooth chocolate and white wine.

The rich milk chocolate cream used in Cocoa di Vine is produced at one of the country’s top creameries in Wisconsin, America’s Dairyland. That cream is blended with USA produced white wine to make a chocolate wine that takes everyone on a sweet trip down memory lane.

With two flavors, chocolate and chocolate peanut butter, Cocoa di Vine is a pantry staple for all things dessert and effortless cocktails. When you’re feeling like a sweet treat, Cocoa di Vine is perfect on its own or as the proverbial cherry on top of your favorite dessert.