Based in the northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna, Donelli has been producing wines of mass appeal since 1915 when Adolfo Donelli transitioned from bottling wine in his home cellar to launching a full-scale winery. From the start, Donelli has dedicated itself to the production of Lambrusco, a sparkling red that is as unique as the region where it was born. The Giacobazzi family took control of the winery in the mid-90s and is proud to carry on the respected traditions of Donelli. Antonio Giacobazzi, president of Donelli, is joined in the business by three of his children: Alberto, Giovanni, and Angela.

Spanning over 110 hectares, Donelli’s estate-owned vineyards are planted to various strains of the native Lambrusco varietal, as well as other indigenous grapes. All fruit is hand-harvested after careful vineyard selection. The grapes undergo multiple fermentations in refrigerated stainless steel tanks, helping to create the subtle effervescence and freshness showcased in each wine, via the Charmat method. Modern technology is combined with tradition, producing wines that have garnered acclaim throughout the world and made Donelli an internationally recognized brand.

With deep roots in the region, Donelli is actively involved in the culture of Emilia-Romagna, embracing all things local.

The Scaglietti line of wines pays tribute to Ferrari. Packaged in a proprietary bottle designed by celebrated Ferrari sports car designer Sergio Scaglietti, the sleek lines remind of his famous designs. This exclusive bottle was the only project Scaglietti took on in his retirement as a favor to his dear friend, Antonio. His signature graces every bottle.

As the culinary capital of Italy, Lambrusco, the local wine, is the ideal pairing to complement the traditional dishes of the region. To stress the versatility of their wines ability to pair well with a wide array of food, Donelli classifies some of their Lambruscos as DOP, a designation typically reserved for high-end food products in Italy, rather than DOC, normally associated with wines.