Fattoria di Magliano

In 1997, Agostino Lenci turned his passion into a business investing in a 97-hectare property in the small town of Magliano in the DOC appellation of Maremma Toscana.  Although the region has long since produced wine, it was not internationally recognized for quality until recently.  Lenci’s vision to bring glory to this little-known area was realized.  In recent years, the Maremma Toscana emerged as a preeminent wine producing region.  It was subsequently granted DOC status by the Italian government.  Fattoria di Magliano was at the forefront of this endeavor, receiving rave reviews from top critics and consumers alike.

Planting began in 1998 with Sangiovese and Vermentino, the region’s signature varietals.  At present, 52 hectares are under vine with smaller parcels of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Merlot, and Petit Verdot interspersed throughout.

Located a mere 10 miles from the Tyrrhenian coast at 300 meters above sea level, the vines enjoy a Mediterranean climate.  Premier exposures are balanced by cool sea breezes.  The vines have developed deep root systems in soil of medium consistency composed of sand and clay, with a high content of lime and skeletal elements providing excellent drainage.

Several years ago, Fattoria di Magliano made the decision to transition to 100% organic viticulture and began practicing new methods.  They winery was certified in 2016.

Fattoria di Magliano wines are produced exclusively from estate-grown fruit that is harvested by hand at its peak.  The yields are strict, with careful selection taking place directly in the vineyard. The portfolio consists of both traditional wines made from native grapes and innovative blends produced using international varietals in a state-of-the-art winery  built in 1997.

Fattoria di Magliano is an all-encompassing wine experience, featuring a tasting room, restaurant, and lodging accommodations.  The original cottage on the estate was renovated and an additional building was erected.  This quaint inn now boasts 30 guest rooms and a beautiful swimming pool overlooking the rolling hills of the Tuscan countryside.  The on-site restaurant serves local cuisine paired with the estate wines.