Finca Museum

Founded in 2000, by the Baron de Ley group, who decided they wanted to explore winemaking outside of Rioja. With a 12M€ investment in infrastructure, Finca Museum is the most ambitious project in the DO Cigales, one of Spain’s smallest winemaking regions.

Cigales has a rich history of producing clarets, or rosé wines, in the middle ages. This provided the winery with an abundance of old vines that are scattered throughout the region, many of which were abandoned in the 19th century due to phylloxera.

When starting the project, Agricultural engineer Tomás Jurío worked for years to seek out little treasures in Cigales, earmarking vineyards that the winery gradually purchased from local wine growers, to eventually establish an estate covering over 200 hectares.

Finca Museum is a winery that respects the region’s history of viticulture and unique, delicate climate. The entirety of Finca Museum vineyards are worked manually, with great care.

Because of this, Finca Museum wines express the character, concentration and elegance of this singular terroir.