Opici Family Sangria

Sangria is the traditional Spanish drink enjoyed during times of celebration. Opici Sangria offers vivacious expressions of fresh fruit flavors so good, they will give you reason to celebrate every day.

This authentic, all-natural beverage is an irresistible, sure-fire crowd-pleaser brought to you by the Opici family.

Using a traditional, long-standing recipe, in accordance with Spanish legislation, Opici Sangria is made from wine produced in La Mancha, the country’s oldest winemaking region, and citrus fruit extract produced in Valencia, home of the world’s best citrus fruit. Water, sugar, and a hint of spice are added to the final blend for a refreshingly fruity libation that will jump-start any festivity!

Enjoy this ready-to-drink Sangria as-is, or add your own spin to make it your own; from fruit to brandy, the possibilities are endless.