1870 Bitter


Marches, Italy


1870 Bitter

Meletti 1870 is a traditional Italian aperitivo. Three separate distillates: sweet orange, bitter orange, and a spice and herb infusion, are blended with pure spirits to create a mildly bitter, yet refreshing aperitivo. The impressively complex flavor profile starts with sweet citrus, moves through a bitter middle, and finishes with gentian, coriander, cinnamon, and clove notes. Traditionally enjoyed with a splash of club soda or mixed with vermouth and soda to make an Americano, 1870 also lends itself to many other interesting cocktail applications.



“Meletti has real weight and a fascinating array of flavors-which makes it ideal in cocktails that can play off that complexity .
. . . Meletti is a solid substitute for Campari.”

C. Jones, June 2016

Tasting Panel - 92 pts

Sweet, anise bitter nose; smooth and fruity with ripe herbs and sweet, bitter flavors; lush, long and rich; similar to but softer and smoother than Campari.

A. Dias Blue, October 2015
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