Adriatic Coast, Italy



Over a century of fine distilling and a royal patent issued in 1879 are testaments to the great reputation of Meletti Sambuca. The best anise plants are cultivated from the clay soil of Ascoli Piceno. Careful blending and the use of pure anise flavors elevate Meletti’s Sambuca to a new dimension of elegance and smoothness. Rich and full-flavored, this is a perfect way to end a meal.  Serve with coffee or straight-up with three coffee beans for good luck. Meletti Sambuca is one of Italy’s most prized liqueurs.


Wine Enthusiast - 90 pts

Despite the mild licorice scent, this clear, thick liqueur is surprisingly bold on the palate, showing lots of candy-like black licorice. It feels quite fiery, especially with repeated sips.

K. Newman, April 2014

Roman Sazerac

2 oz Rye Whiskey

.25 oz Meletti Sambuca

5 dashes Pechauds Bitters

Lemon twist

Add all ingredients into a rocks glass with ice.  Stir and express lemon peel over glass and discard.

Spring Showers

1.5 oz gin

.25 oz Meletti Sambuca

.25 oz elderflower liqueur

.5 oz sparkling wine


Shake the first three ingredients hard with ice. Double strain into a highball with fresh ice & top with sparkling wine. Garnish with cucumber slice.