Amulet Estate

The word “amulet” comes from the Latin word amuleum, which means “an object that provides good fortune” or a good luck charm. More than a talisman, the true mark of the Amulet Estate portfolio is a nod to the pioneering spirit of early Napa Valley viticulture and a deep respect for the land. Sourced from carefully selected vineyard sites, each single vineyard varietal is an elegant expression of Napa Valley terroir.
Two pillars of our history: family and an unwavering dedication to our craft, remain deeply rooted traditions and continue to transcend the philosophy of our winery. Since acquiring the estate and vineyards in 2016, it has been our goal to create world class wines that reflect the profound expressions of The Napa Valley; and build a boutique winery “a gathering place” that reflects both our family values and the best of Napa Valley.
Our approach to winemaking and hospitality encourage continued growth and graceful evolution. Our attention to detail in the vineyard coupled with a gentle winemaking philosophy allow us to produce wines with elevated purity that reflect the place the grapes were grown.