‘AE’ Cabernet Sauvignon

Amulet Estate


85% Cabernet Sauvignon

5% Cabernet Franc

5% Merlot

5% Malbec


Napa Valley, USA


‘AE’ Cabernet Sauvignon

The ‘AE’ Cabernet Sauvignon’s single vineyard source, located in Yountville AVA, is sustainably farmed by the Bettinelli Family. This label also aligns with the farming foundations and production principals that our team has put forth for several years; a focus on heritage & family-owned sustainable & organic vineyards, with minimal intervention, to produce and highlight unique Napa Valley terroir. A graceful wine comprised of 85% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Cabernet Franc, 5% Merlot, 5% Malbec, with an enticing array of earth, herb, and fresh fruit. Aromas of tobacco leaf and black cherry gently fill the glass. The wine expands on the palate with ripe mission fig, tart plum skin and fresh marjoram. A fine silky texture and dark chocolate linger for over a minute.


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