Dry Anisetta



Adriatic Coast, Italy


Dry Anisetta

Meletti Dry Anisetta is made with the same ingredients and the same production method of the classic Anisette, with a crisp, stronger taste due to absence of sugar and its higher alcoholic content. During distillation, Meletti discards the fi rst and last portions of the distillate that contains the elements of bitterness. They keep only the “heart”, or the middle portion, to ensure that the fl avors are concentrated and consistent.


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Anisette Mojito

2 oz Meletti Dry Anisetta

1 oz fresh lime juice

1 oz fresh grapefruit juice

.5 oz simple syrup

8 leaves of fresh mint


Muddle anisette with mint. Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass. Shake and strain into a serving glass over crushed ice. Garnish with a sprig of mint and a lime wedge.