Valentine’s Day Wine Gift Guide

Chocolate and sappy cards are great, but let’s be serious — the best gift for Valentine’s Day is a bottle of wine. Whether you are going on a romantic date, having a low-key evening with friends, or cursing love while tearing up pictures of your ex, wine is the ultimate take along for your Valentine’s Day plans.

Of course, with all of the options out there, choosing the perfect bottle can be tough. Don’t stress! Let us be your wine cupids with our Valentine’s Day Wine Gift Guide. Find your perfect match below.

The New Crush: When new love makes your whole world sparkle, celebrate with a bottle of Destello Cava Brut Reserva. Nothing complements the feeling of walking on air quite like the perfect bubbly, and this cava will not disappoint. Boasting crisp orchard fruits and a complex finish, this versatile wine is a great choice for almost any romantic dinner plans.

Love of Your Life: Celebrate your forever love with a reliable Italian: Due Torri Pinot Grigio. When something is perfect, why change a thing? This dry white is bursting with citrus-fruit aromas and offers a wonderful balance of acidity and minerality. An exquisite wine is an excellent gift for your number one.

The Heart Stealer: For the one who makes your heart pound, we recommend Dogajolo (Pronounced dog-ay-YOLO) by Carpineto. This baby Super Tuscan has a deep ruby-to-purple hue that screams passion. Cherries and herbs hit your nose with hints of vanilla and coffee, and it is ample yet soft on the palate. Dogajolo is as complex as your wildest relationships but as satisfying as your greatest loves.

Best Friends: Who said Valentine’s Day is only for lovers? If you’re hanging out with friends this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget the Opici Sangria. With its intense expression of citrus fruit flavors, this traditional Spanish drink was made to party. So grab your closest buds, enjoy this sweet sip, and celebrate the amazing love of friendship.

Unlucky in Love Friend: We all have that friend who desperately wants to be in the perfect relationship but strikes out every time. The last thing they want is a heart-shaped box of sympathy chocolate. Instead, go for a fresh, easy-drinking Garnacha: La Maldita. Yup, the wine means “cursed,” because if you’re going to wallow you may as well poke fun at yourself while doing it.

Your Sibling: Sometimes the best Valentine’s Days are the ones where we kick back with our families. If you’re lucky enough to celebrate with your brothers and sisters this year, bring a bottle of Julia James Chardonnay. Our newest release, this wine is a tribute to the Opici family’s fifth generation and celebrates family, love, and tradition. Its combination of tropical fruits, vanilla, nectarine, and oak show that different flavors can come together to make something amazing, just like a family.

Coworker: Let’s face it, without our office friends, we’d never make it through the work day. If you plan to brighten a coworker’s day this year with a Valentine’s Day treat, consider Alverdi Sangiovese. This dry red is an approachable wine that tastes great on its own, so it’s perfect for an after-work happy-hour sip! With aromas of violet and ripe plums on the palate, Alverdi Sangiovese is an easy-drinking wine that any friend will appreciate.