Umberto Cesari

Following his dream to create the highest quality Sangiovese, Umberto Cesari purchased a 20-hectare vineyard in the Emilia-Romagna region in 1967 — this vineyard was the beginning of what is now the prestigious Umberto Cesari winery.

A Sangiovese pioneer, Umberto defied common opinion that wines from Emilia-Romagna could not be high quality. Despite having no family history in winemaking, Cesari committed himself to creating outstanding Sangiovese, a passion that continues to drive the winery today.

Now spanning 170 hectares, the Umberto Cesari winery sits in the picturesque hillsides of Emilia-Romagna and is an esteemed leader in Italian winemaking. The estate consists of six separate farmed parcels in Castel San Pietro Terme: Podere Casetta, Parolino, Laurento, Cà Grande, Liano, and Tauleto. Majority of their wines are estate grown, with the exception of the MOMA wines which are produced from 180 hectares of neighboring vineyards under long-term lease. All wines are fermented and bottled at the state-of-the-art winery. Special attention is given to clonal selection, trellising techniques, and vineyard management. The winery uses modern practices like soft pressing, temperature-controlled fermentation, and cold bottling under a nitrogen blanket. Further, each wine undergoes intense quality analyses to ensure it meets Umberto Cesari’s strict standards.

In addition to its passion for superior winemaking, Umberto Cesari is also committed to technological innovation. The winery invests 5% of its revenue into research and development each year and works with the Department of Crop Sciences of the University of Bologna. The winery is also dedicated to the environment, using vineyard treatments with low environmental impact.

Today, Umberto is joined by his children, Gianmaria and Ilaria, who continue the family’s commitment and passion for excellence in winemaking.